The Solve and the Secret Revealed

to Forrest Fenn’s spectacular Treasure Hunt adventure

Alert to the Intrepid

If you or anyone you know still have plans to solve the marvelous riddle of Forrest Fenn’s Thrill of the Chase:

Please read quickly down this page only first….

The pages on contain the complete solution to Forrest Fenn’s poem — and a little bit more — including the reason it took 25 arduous days of searching in the same location to finally find the final spot — plus an answer to the question, “What the heck was he doing falling asleep alone in the woods?” It will cover the tears, the failure…. and the relief as well…. plus an amazing coincidence: how the name originally used in the emails sent to Mr. Fenn tied in to the crucial final clue.

so Take your Pick

For those who are bound and determined to solve Mr. Fenn’s poem with no assistance, no matter how long it takes, there’s one clarifying detail you have a right to know.

So pick your poison!

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